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Subject[PATCH] Fix USB vendor and product IDs endianness for USB HID devices

The generic HID layer changes introduced an endianness bug for USB HID

The USB vendor and product IDs are not byteswapped appropriately, and
thus come out in the wrong endianness when fetched through the evdev
using ioctl() on big endian platforms.

This byteswapping used to be done in hidinput_connect() (by
usb_to_input_id()) when filling up the hid device structure, and now
needs to be done upstream. USB is the only user so far, and the
hid_device structure is set up in usb_hid_configure().

Signed-off-by: Julien BLACHE <>

--- hid-core.c~ 2007-02-05 11:16:33.905278861 +0100
+++ hid-core.c 2007-02-10 21:53:52.366333019 +0100
@@ -1220,8 +1220,8 @@

hid->bus = BUS_USB;
- hid->vendor = dev->descriptor.idVendor;
- hid->product = dev->descriptor.idProduct;
+ hid->vendor = le16_to_cpu(dev->descriptor.idVendor);
+ hid->product = le16_to_cpu(dev->descriptor.idProduct);

usb_make_path(dev, hid->phys, sizeof(hid->phys));
strlcat(hid->phys, "/input", sizeof(hid->phys));

Please apply, and this is a candidate for -stable as it breaks a
documented API/ABI in userspace.


Julien BLACHE <>
<> GPG KeyID 0xF5D65169
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