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SubjectRe: libsata tests started
On 2/10/07, Randy Dunlap <> wrote:

> Hi,
> What are the libsata tests and where are they, please?
No where, I just compile the drivers, see if my system boots up and
then I run some I/O intensive stuff, like bonnie++, emerge -e world at
the same time.

> So you are testing libata and ext4dev at the same time...
Not really, i dont focus on ext4dev, it just happens to be a partition
that's empty and has 40GB of space left for disk writes. I mostly use
XFS on my system.

> libsata == libata ?
I don't think there is a seperate libata, it's all put under libsata
if I understand the working correctly (Alan, don't sue me if I am

Maybe it *IS* a nice idea to outline some standard tests that
developers want to have carried out or some specific tests to trace
bugs or test if a patch/fix does its work.. But that's not up to me, I
am not a coder, I can do some very basic stuff in C, that's where
programming ends for me, unless it's shell scripting.

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