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SubjectRe: libsata tests started
On Sat, 10 Feb 2007 17:22:28 +0100 Patrick Ale wrote:

> Hi,
> And now for something completely different.
> I started the libsata tests on one of the four machines I'll be doing
> these tests on.

What are the libsata tests and where are they, please?

> At the moment I'm testing on 'lilith', which is my multi-harddisk
> server and playground.
> At the moment I am hammering /dev/sda5, which is an ext4dev partition
> with bonnie++.
> sda is attached to my onboard ATA controller, driven by pata_via.

So you are testing libata and ext4dev at the same time...

> At the same moment I am doing a full resync of my MD RAID1 device with
> two stripes.
> Both stripes are on seperate 120GB disks, where one disk is attached
> to a PCI controller, driven by pata_sil680 and one disk attached to an
> onboard Promise ATA controller, driven by pata_pdc2027x.
> I confirmed that all devices are driven by the new libsata drivers, it
> can't be very much differentr since I disabled the entire "old" IDE
> stack. :)

libsata == libata ?

> So, let's see how things go, so far so good.
> For those who are interested, I attached the output of an lspci -vvv.
> The file name has "stage1" included since I'll be adding my PCI cards
> one by one to isolate problems to a single bus or card.
> I hope my test input helps a bit.

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