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SubjectRe: remote debugging via FireWire

Some remarks to the September 2006 version at :

- Seems its .remove won't work properly if more than one OHCI-1394
controller is installed. And it's .probe isn't reentrant, but that
might be less of a problem.
- Its functionality will be lost if there is a FireWire bus reset,
e.g. when something is plugged in or out. To keep physical DMA
alive, an interrupt handler had to be installed which writes ~0
to OHCI1394_PhyReqFilter{Hi,Lo}Set. Can interrupt handlers be
registered in an early setup stage?
- There might be some register accesses in the setup which could be
omitted; I'd have to look this up.
- Could be optimized to not use ohci1394.h::struct ti_ohci.
- PCI_CLASS_FIREWIRE_OHCI can be replaced by
include/linux/pci_ids.h::PCI_CLASS_SERIAL_FIREWIRE_OHCI which
was newly added in 2.6.20-git#.
- I suppose .probe should check for PCI_CLASS_SERIAL_FIREWIRE_OHCI
- How about dropping support for configuring this as module, to
simplify the code? Unless this would interfere with ohci1394; and
it probably would if there was an interrupt handler...
- "depends on X86_64" is missing in Kconfig.
- Maybe put it into arch/x86_64/drivers/ instead of drivers/ieee1394?
- Plus what I mentioned earlier in the thread.

I could send code to address some of this at next weekend or later.
Stefan Richter
-=====-=-=== --=- -=-=-
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