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SubjectRe: [PATCH] [NETDEV] [000] dmfe : fix bugs and add features

Jeff Garzik, le Fri 09 Feb 2007 16:15:26 -0500, a écrit :
> Levitsky Maxim wrote:
> >Before some time I decided to fix suspend/resume on my Davicom
> >network card. During development I also fixed couple of bugs and
> >added support for link detection and WOL Note : 2.6.20 already has
> >support for link detection , but it is broken when card has external
> >PHY, like mine.
> >
> >So here it goes:
> >
> >[PATCH] [NET] [001] dmfe : trivial/spelling fixes
> >[PATCH] [NET] [002] dmfe : Fix possible oops
> >[PATCH] [NET] [003] dmfe : fix link detection
> >[PATCH] [NET] [004] dmfe : Add suspend/resume support
> >[PATCH] [NET] [005] dmfe : Add support for wake-on-lan
> >Commit 7628b0a8c01a02966d2228bdf741ddedb128e8f8 (drivers/net/tulip/dmfe:
> >support basic carrier detection) breaks networking on my Davicom DM9009.
> >ethtool always reports there is no link. tcpdump shows incoming
> >packets, but TX is disabled. Reverting the above patch fixes the
> >problem.
> What about the above report?
> I would rather fix this first, before applying more patches on top of a
> problematic patch...

My patch wasn't implementing anything actually: it was just making the
existing-since-long link detection code available in ethtools.

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