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SubjectRe: [PATCH 2 of 4] Introduce i386 fibril scheduling
On Thu, Feb 01, 2007 at 01:52:13PM -0800, Zach Brown wrote:
> >let me clarify this: i very much like your AIO patchset in general, in
> >the sense that it 'completes' the AIO implementation: finally
> >everything
> >can be done via it, greatly increasing its utility and hopefully its
> >penetration. This is the most important step, by far.
> We violently agree on this :).

There is also the old kernel_thread based method that should probably be
compared, especially if pre-created threads are thrown into the mix. Also,
since the old days, a lot of thread scaling issues have been fixed that
could even make userland threads more viable.

> Would your strategy be to update the syscall implementations to share
> data in task_struct so that there isn't as significant a change in
> behaviour? (sharing current->ioprio, instead if just inheriting it,
> for example.). We'd be betting that there would be few of these and
> that they'd be pretty reasonable to share?

Priorities cannot be shared, as they have to adapt to the per-request
priority when we get down to the nitty gitty of POSIX AIO, as otherwise
realtime issues like keepalive transmits will be handled incorrectly.

"Time is of no importance, Mr. President, only life is important."
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