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SubjectRe: [PATCH] Ban module license tag string termination trick
Jan Engelhardt wrote:

> Proposed patch to prohibit loading modules that use early C string
> termination ("GPL\0 for nothing, folks!") to trick the kernel believing
> it is loading a GPL driver.

Ok. I totally dig the *idea* here - I mean, this issue has been ongoing
for a long time now. But I'd like to see a few comments as to whether we
need a technological mechanism here to enforce the obvious. To me, it
just seems totally obvious (any legal comment?) that early C string
termination is undermining the intent of the MODULE_LICENSE tag.

The m-i-t patch seems ok and also cleans up the existing logic.


P.S. Someone's fooling around with mailman on that box, I'll get the
mailing list sorted out between now and the weekend or somesuch.
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