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SubjectRe: [PATCH 1/1] filesystem: Disk Errors at boot-time caused by probe of partitions
I think you may be barking up the wrong tree because IIRC, these 
requests for data beyond the end of the disk never make it to the drive;
the kernel fails them in the block layer. There was a patch a while
back to fix the partition detection code to NOT request sectors beyond
the end of the disk, but I don't think it was ever merged.

In any case, if you are sure the requests are making it to the drive and
causing damage, I hope you give Maxtor and IBM a sound thrashing for
using retarded firmware.

TJ wrote:
> Hi Robert,
> Yes, I'd have expected that too. I'm particularly surprised the
> drive-logic doesn't refuse to move the heads and just report the failure
> based on the LBA value.
> These are Maxtor drives, but its also happened with IBM drives in
> another system with similar configuration, as a test.
> During the bug-hunt (which started end of December) I built about 100
> kernels trying to track down the root cause, and therefore went through
> many reboot cycles.
> Several times the drives were 'knocked out' and would refuse to
> initialise during POST. The only remedy was to leave the system powered
> down for a while - the rest seemed to do them good.
> The difficulty I had in debugging was the errors are generated on the
> work-queue and interrupt handling side, and it was extremely difficult
> to pin-point the root cause because the symptoms (drive seek errors)
> occur well after the partition tables have been scanned, and also repeat
> themselves several times during system start-up.

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