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    SubjectRe: RFC: outb 0x80 in inb_p, outb_p harmful on some modern AMD64 with MCP51 laptops
    On Fri 2007-12-07 09:50:26, David P. Reed wrote:
    > My machine in question, for example, needs no waiting
    > within CMOS_READs at all. And I doubt any other
    > chip/device needs waiting that isn't already provided by
    > the bus. the i/o to port 80 is very, very odd in this
    > context. Actually, modern machines have potentially
    > more serious problems with i/o ops to non-existent
    > addresses, which may cause real bus wierdness.

    I dislike outb_p clobbering port 0x80, but you are wrong here. BIOSes
    already do outs to port 0x80 for debugging reason, so these accesses
    are unlikely to do something bad.

    Can we just do udelay(1) instead of port 80 access?

    (cesky, pictures)

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