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Subject[PATCH 00/47] CRIS patches for CRISv32 EtraxFS and ARTPEC-3

This patchset contains the differences to add support for the EtraxFS and
ARTPEC-3 CPUs, both of the CRISv32 family. Both chips can now be compiled
with minimal configs.

To compile you'll need the Axis gcc cross port for CRISv32, it is mentioned
in how to get this.

Still missing to allow full compile is include/linux/mtd/mtdram.h,

This is step two in syncing the Axis internal changes with mainline Linux,
with the final goal being getting the CRIS port to the same level as
the rest of the kernel.

I've tried to remove as much checkpatch warnings and errors as possible,
but some remain, mostly (I think you'll agree) spurious warnings,
although there's also a bunch of generated files which don't conform,
but I hope to fix this at the source later on.

I realise this is a hefty chunk of code to review, but any suggestions
on improvements are thankfully received.

The changes are also available in the export2 branch at


Best regards,

/^JN - Jesper Nilsson
Jesper Nilsson --

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