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SubjectRe: git guidance
Johannes Schindelin wrote:
> Hi,


> On Fri, 7 Dec 2007, Al Boldi wrote:
> > You need to re-read the thread.
> I don't know why you write that, and then say thanks. Clearly, what you
> wrote originally, and what Andreas pointed out, were quite obvious
> indicators that git already does what you suggest.
> You _do_ work "transparently" (whatever you understand by that overused
> term) in the working directory, unimpeded by git.

If you go back in the thread, you may find a link to a gitfs client that
somebody kindly posted. This client pretty much defines the transparency
I'm talking about. The only problem is that it's read-only.

To make it really useful, it has to support versioning locally, disconnected
from the server repository. One way to implement this, could be by
committing every update unconditionally to an on-the-fly created git
repository private to the gitfs client.

With this transparently created private scratch repository it should then be
possible for the same gitfs to re-expose the locally created commits, all
without any direct user-intervention.

Later, this same scratch repository could then be managed by the normal
git-management tools/commands to ultimately update the backend git

BTW: Sorry for my previous posts that contained the wrong date; it seems
that hibernation sometimes advances the date by a full 24h. Has anybody
noticed this as well?



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