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SubjectRe: Bug: get EXT3-fs error Allocating block in system zone

On Thu, 6 Dec 2007, Andrew Morton wrote:
> It disables PCI BARs during sizing. ISTR Linus opining that this was the
> wrong thing to do?

It looks ok now that it doesn't do it for host controllers. I guess we
could just apply it.

> ISTR him having opinions on mmconfig too ;)

That piece of unbelievable crap? Have I ever said anything negative about
something that shitty? I can't imagine having ever badmouthed such a
mindless and totally broken piece of sh*t hardware/firmware interface.

> We should not require people to use obscure boot options to get their
> machines working.

Arjan swears he'll have a patch for me to only use mmconfig when actually
appropriate by 2.6.25. In the meantime, the BAR disable is probably worth

But the disk errors are something else, doesn't ring a bell. Sounds like
IO corruption on the group descriptor block or something like that. Might
be worth testing to see if the problem goes away with less than 4GB of


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