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SubjectRe: Kernel + mdadm 2.6.2-2 + Auto rebuild RAID1?
On 1 Dec 2007, Jan Engelhardt uttered the following:

> On Dec 1 2007 06:19, Justin Piszcz wrote:
>> RAID1, 0.90.03 superblocks (in order to be compatible with LILO, if
>> you use 1.x superblocks with LILO you can't boot)
> Says who? (Don't use LILO ;-)

Well, your kernels must be on a 0.90-superblocked RAID-0 or RAID-1
device. It can't handle booting off 1.x superblocks nor RAID-[56]
(not that I could really hope for the latter).

But that's just /boot, not everything else.

>> Not using ANY initramfs/initrd images, everything is compiled into 1
>> kernel image (makes things MUCH simpler and the expected device layout
>> etc is always the same, unlike initrd/etc).
> My expected device layout is also always the same, _with_ initrd. Why?
> Simply because mdadm.conf is copied to the initrd, and mdadm will
> use your defined order.

Of course the same is true of initramfs, which can give you the 1 kernel
image back, too. (It's also nicer in that you can autoassemble
e.g. LVM-on-RAID, or even LVM-on-RAID-over-nbd if you so desire.)

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