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    SubjectRe: [PATCH 1/3] signal(i386): alternative signal stack wraparound occurs

    * Shi Weihua <> wrote:

    > > When it's the handler function itself or its callees that cause the
    > > overflow, rather than the signal handler frame setup alone crossing
    > > the boundary, this still won't help. But I don't see any way to
    > > distinguish that from the valid longjmp case.
    > Thank you for your detailed explanation and patch. I tested your
    > patch, unfortunately it can not stop all kinds of overflow.
    > So, the patch I posted is still needed

    thanks, i've picked up your fix for x86.git, for 2.6.25 merging.

    > Surely, adding a variable to sched.h is not a good idea.
    > Could you tell me a better place to store the previous esp?

    i think sched.h is ok - it has a sas_ss_sp field already. Alternatively,
    if we only want this in x86, we could put it into the thread_struct -
    but i think eventually other architectures would want to use this too,


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