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SubjectRe: 2.6.24-rc6-mm1

* Herbert Xu <> wrote:

> > Ingo, it's not good that we have cond_resched() definitions
> > conditionally duplicated in kernel.h - that's increasing the risk of
> > bugs like this one.
> Actually, why do we even have cond_resched when real preemption is on?
> It seems to be a waste of space and time.

due to the BKL. cond_resched() in BKL code breaks up BKL latencies.

i dont mind not doing that though - we should increase the pain for BKL
users, so that subsystems finally get rid of it altogether.
lock_kernel() use within the kernel is still rampant - there are still
more than 400 callsites to lock_kernel().


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