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SubjectRe: [PATCH] Option to disable AMD C1E (allows dynticks to work)

Richard Harman wrote:
>>> I think I may have a monkey wrench to throw into this, I finally got
>>> around to testing the C1E patch, and the port80 patch. End result:
>>> port80 patch has zero effect on this laptop, and the C1E patch makes
>>> it stable.
Stating that your system is "stable" is not very definitive. Does
hwclock work when full Fedora 8 is running without the port80 patch, or
have you disabled the uses of hwclock in your init and shutdown code?
Have you set the hwclock setting to use the extremely dangerous
"-directisa" option - which hides the problem because it avoids the port
80 i/o?

Try compiling and running the test program port80.c a few times. If
your machine doesn't hang, it would be interesting to see the results it

The C1E patch alone does not fix the port 80 problem several of us have
observed. what does dmidecode say for your motherboard vendor and model?

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