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SubjectRe: Boot time module loading problem
Shourya Sarcar wrote:
> Larry Finger wrote:
>> With 2.6.24-rc5, a b43 user reports a problem at bootup. The b43
>> module, which should be loaded by the ssb module, fails with the
>> following type of message:
>> ssb: Sonics Silicon Backplane found on PCI device 0000:0c:00.0 b43:
>> disagrees about version of symbol ssb_device_is_enabled b43: Unknown
>> symbol ssb_device_is_enabled b43: disagrees about version of symbol
>> ssb_pcicore_dev_irqvecs_enable b43: Unknown symbol
>> ssb_pcicore_dev_irqvecs_enable b43: disagrees about version of symbol
>> ssb_bus_may_powerdown b43: Unknown symbol ssb_bus_may_powerdown
>> < and more similar lines....>
>> If the user issues the commands
>> rmmod ssb; modprobe b43
>> then the modules are loaded correctly and the wireless device works.
>> What could be causing such a problem?
>> Larry
> Larry, thanks for pursuing this. I upgraded to 2.6.24-rc6 last night and
> I don't see this issue anymore. One might think that the clean remake
> solved the problem (which I am pretty sure I did with rc5 as well); but
> still does not explain with 2.6.24-rc5, the module would not load on
> first attempt but then load after the manual:
> # rmmod ssb;modprobe b43

Johannes may have been right and that you had a stale initrd. I was going to have you try a 'sudo
mkinitrd', but it is now fixed.


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