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    SubjectRe: [patch] Make MMCONFIG space (extended PCI config space) a driver opt-in issue

    On Sat, 22 Dec 2007, Jeff Garzik wrote:
    > But regardless of problems, enabling should be done globally, not per
    > device...

    I'm ok with trying the "globally" idea, but it has to be "globally but
    only if absolutely required".

    And quite frankly, how do you tell whether it's absolutely required or

    I have an idea: the drivers that really need it will do a "please enable
    MMCONFIG, because I will need it" thing?


    And then, since we *need* such a "pci_enable_mmconfig()" call anyway, why
    not let the driver give which device it controls too, so that we can print
    out the information (in case the machine then hangs immediately
    afterwards), and perhaps - if it is shown to help - only do the MMCONFIG
    cycles for that particular device?

    Sounds like a plan?


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