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SubjectRe: Major regression on hackbench with SLUB (more numbers)

* Christoph Lameter <> wrote:

> Hmmmm... Some tests here on an 8p 8G machine:

> In an extreme case (boot with slub_min_order=9 to get huge page sized
> slabs) SLUB can win against SLAB:
> N=10 Time: 0.338 Minimally faster
> N=20 Time: 0.560 10% faster
> N=50 Time: 1.353 15% faster

what's up with this regression? There's been absolutely no activity
about it in the last 8 days: upstream still regresses, -mm still
regresses and there are no patches posted for testing.

being able to utilize order-0 pages was supposed to be one of the big
plusses of SLUB, so booting with _2MB_ sized slabs cannot be seriously
the "fix", right?


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