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    SubjectRe: [PATCH] sky2: Use deferrable timer for watchdog
    On Dec 20, 2007 2:22 PM, Kok, Auke <> wrote:
    > ok, that's just bad and if there's no user-defineable limit to the deferral I
    > definately don't like this change.
    > Can I safely assume that any irq will cause all deferred timers to run?

    I think even other causes for wakeup like process related ones will
    cause the CPU to go busy and run the timers.
    This, coupled with the fact that no one is yet able to reach 0 wakeups
    per second makes it pretty unlikely that deferrable timers will be
    deferred indefinitely.

    > If this is the case then for e1000 this patch is still OK since the watchdog needs
    > to run (1) after a link up/down interrupt or (2) to update statistics. Those
    > statistics won't increase if there is no traffic of course...

    I think it is reasonable for Network driver watchdogs to use a
    deferrable timer - if the machine is 100% IDLE there is no one needing
    the network to be up. If there is something running even on the other
    CPU - that is going to cause an IPI, reschedule, TLB invalidation etc.
    which will make it very likely in practice that each CPU will be
    interrupted in reasonable amount of time.

    Of course there are theoretical cases where we could land into a
    situation where a CPU in a multiprocessor machine is IDLE infinitely
    and that causes the watchdog that happens to be bound to run on the
    same CPU to not run. To take care of these unlikely cases I think the
    timer mechanism should have a reasonable limit on how long a CPU can
    go IDLE if there are deferrable timers.


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