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SubjectRe: 2.6.24: false double-clicks from USB mouse
[ linux-usb-devel added to CC ]

On Sun, 2 Dec 2007, Mark Lord wrote:

> Okay. I've got to leave the computer for a while now, so I'll post
> again whenever I have something new here.

Thanks. To sum up this longish thread:

- 2.6.24-rcX exposes the problem with sometimes multiple clicks being
generated as a response for one click on USB mouse (evtest shows that
really mutliple LeftBtn events arrive). 2.6.23 behaves correctly
- reverting the state of drivers/hid to 2.6.23 state doesn't make the
problem go away, so the problem is elsewhere (Input? USB?)
- Mark seems to be able to reproduce the problem quite easily; I was not
successful reproducing this no matter how hard I tried, and I also
didn't receive any similar bugreports from anyone else
- we are currently waiting for Mark to provide HID_DEBUG (and preferably
also usbmon) output from the situation where multiple clicks are
being generated incorrectly

Jiri Kosina

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