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    SubjectRe: After many hours all outbound connections get stuck in SYN_SENT
    > So you see outgoing SYN packets, but no SYN replies coming from the remote
    > peer ? (you mention ACKS, but the first packet received from the remote
    > peer should be a SYN+ACK),

    Right, I meant to say SYN+ACK. I don't see them coming back.

    > When the problem comes, instead of restarting the application, please take a
    > tcpdump of say 10.000 packets.
    > Then turn off tcp_sack and take a 2nd tcpdump sample, and make both samples
    > available to us.

    I can take these captures and take a look at the results.
    Unfortunately, I don't think I'll be able to make the captures
    available to the general public.

    > If turning off tcp_sack makes the problem go away, why dont you turn it off
    > all the time ?

    Unfortunately, I think that will be the answer if I can't get any help
    fixing this problem in the kernel. It's a bummer, because many of the
    remote hosts my application communicates with are on wireless links,
    so there may be performance implications to turning SACK off.

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