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SubjectRe: [PATCH] x86: provide a DMI based port 0x80 I/O delay override.
On 17-12-07 14:32, David P. Reed wrote:

> Rene Herman wrote:
>> No, most definitely not. Having the user select udelay or none through
>> the kernel config and then the kernel deciding "ah, you know what,
>> I'll know better and use port access anyway" is _utterly_ broken
>> behaviour. Software needs to listen to its master.
> When acting as an ordinary user, the .config is beyond my control
> (except on Gentoo). It is in control of the distro (Fedora, Ubuntu,
> ... but perhaps not Gentoo). I think the distro guys want a default
> behavior that is set in .config, with quirk overrides being done when
> needed. And of course the user in his/her boot params gets the final say.

Yes, and when the user/distributor specifically selected udelay or none as
an I/O delay method it makes no sense whatsoever to have the kernel override
that again -- the DMI hack only fixes something for the default case, when
_no_ specific choice had been made (which the current setup can't express
but mine did).

I feel particularly strongly (always) about that "listen to its master" bit.
The kernel does not know better then whomever configured it, even when it does.


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