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    SubjectRe: [patch 1/2] [RFC] Simple tamper-proof device filesystem.

    > But use of this filesystem is still valid when this filesystem is used with
    > policy based mandatory access control (such as SELinux, TOMOYO Linux)
    > because this filesystem guarantees where policy based mandatory access control
    > can't guarantee (i.e. filename and its attribute).
    Policy based mandatory access control guarantees that
    "Only Bob can create block device file named sda1 in /dev directory".
    But it can't guarantee that /dev/sda1 will have block-8-1 attribute.
    If Bob is malicious and creates /dev/sda1 with block-8-2 attribute,
    other applications that depends on the attributes of /dev/sda1 goes wrong.
    So, this filesystem guarantees that /dev/sda1 has block-8-1 attribute.

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