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Subject[PATCH 0/9] mmap read-around and readahead

Here are the mmap read-around related patches initiated by Linus.
They are for linux-2.6.24-rc4-mm1. The one major new feature -
auto detection and early readahead for mmap sequential reads - runs
as expected on my desktop :-)

[PATCH 1/9] readahead: simplify readahead call scheme
[PATCH 2/9] readahead: clean up and simplify the code for filemap page fault readahead
[PATCH 3/9] readahead: auto detection of sequential mmap reads
[PATCH 4/9] readahead: quick startup on sequential mmap readahead
[PATCH 5/9] readahead: make ra_submit() non-static
[PATCH 6/9] readahead: save mmap read-around states in file_ra_state
[PATCH 7/9] readahead: remove unused do_page_cache_readahead()
[PATCH 8/9] readahead: move max_sane_readahead() calls into force_page_cache_readahead()
[PATCH 9/9] readahead: call max_sane_readahead() in ondemand_readahead()

Thank you,

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