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SubjectRe: [PATCH -mm -v3] x86 boot : export boot_params via sysfs
H. Peter Anvin wrote:
> Greg KH wrote:
>> But it ignored the fact that I said I didn't want this binary file in
>> sysfs :)
>> Please take Eric's suggestion and split it up into the different pieces.
>> Some of the fields can be binary files, as they come directly from the
>> firmware, but the others should be text.
> But PLEASE include the full structure as a ready-to-eat object. PLEASE.

I should clarify this.

By all means go ahead and provide broken-out fields where it makes
sense. However:

- this *IS* a structure defined by protocol, and which, for all users
except the 16-bit entry, comes from outside the kernel (bootloader or

- a newer kernel version can add fields to this structure, but can never
remove them. This would cause a potential information loss if the
current kernel doesn't have all fields available.

- the binary structure is the format that the majority of users will need.

This is directly analogous to how we treat identity information in IDE,
or PCI configuration space -- some fields are pre-digested, but the
entire raw information is also available.


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