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SubjectRe: Next patches for the 2.6.25 queue
On Thu, 13 Dec 2007 09:46:42 -0500
Mathieu Desnoyers <> wrote:

> Hi Andrew,
> I would like to post my next patches in a way that would make it as
> easy for you and the community to review them. Currently, the patches
> that have really settled down are :
> * For 2.6.25
> - Text Edit Lock
> - Looks-good-to Ingo Molnar.
> - Immediate Values
> - Redux version, asked by Rusty
> * For 2.6.25 ?
> Another patchset that is technically ok (however Rusty dislikes the
> complexity inherent to the algorithms required to be reentrant wrt NMI
> and MCE, although it's been reviewed by the community for months). I
> have also replyed to Ingo's concerns about effeciency of my approach
> compared to dtrace by providing numbers, but he has not replyed yet.
> - Markers use Immediate Values
> * Maybe for 2.6.26 ...
> Once we have this, and the instrumentation (submitted as RFC in the past
> weeks), in the kernel, the only architecture dependent element that will
> be left is the LTTng timestamping code.
> And then, from that point, the following patchset is mostly
> self-contained and stops modifying code all over the kernel tree. It
> is the LTTng tracer.
> Trying to improve my approach : I guess that submitting at most 15
> patches at a time (each 1-2 days), against the -mmotm tree, would be the
> way to do it ?

Just for some context, I have...

- 1,400-odd open bugzilla reports

- 719 emails saved away in my emailed-bug-reports folder, all of which
need to be gone through, asking originators to retest and

- A big ugly email titled "2.6.24-rc5-git1: Reported regressions from
2.6.23" in my inbox.

All of which makes it a bit inappropriate to be thinking about
intrusive-looking new features.

Ho hum. Just send me the whole lot against rc5-mm1 and I'll stick it in
there and we'll see what breaks.

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