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    Subjectmmaping an IO port device

    Can I implement mmap with an io port connected device on an x86 based CPU?


    I've got a device driver which can be compiled for either x86 or ARM.
    The driver provides an interface to an FPGA via either an IO port
    (0x180) on the x86 or as a memory mapped SRAM-like device (0x30000000)
    on the ARM.

    To get myself an "address" for ioread calls I use:

    FPGA_base = (u32) ioremap_nocache(FPGA_REG_IO_BASE, SZ_4K) for both CPU

    FPGA_REG_IO_BASE is set to either 0x180 or 0x30000000 for x86 and ARM

    I then call ioread16(FPGA_base + FPGA_register) for both x86 and ARM and
    it all works perfectly. No problems there.

    My problem is that I am now moving from ioctl calls to a mmap interface.
    This isn't a problem with ARM as I can pass (0x30000000 >> PAGE_SHIFT)
    to remap_pfn_range() in the .mmap fops function but I can't pass 0x180
    because ... well, it's obvious.

    Is there a trick?


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