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Subject[RFC] Proposed new directory layout for kvm and virtualization
KVM is due to receive support for multiple architectures (ppc, ia64, and 
s390, in addition to the existing x86), hopefully in time for the 2.6.25
merge window. It is awkward to place the new arch support in
drivers/kvm/, so I'd like to propose the following new layout:

virt/ top-level directory for hypervisors
virt/kvm/ kvm common code
virt/lguest/ the other hypervisor
arch/*/kvm/ arch dependent kvm code
include/linux/kvm.h arch independent interface
include/asm/kvm.h arch dependent interface
include/linux/kvm_para.h arch independent guest interface
include/asm/kvm_para.h arch dependent guest interface

The include/ hierarchy is already in place; I'm including it for

Comments, alternative suggestions welcome.

[This was foreshadowed about a year ago in, where the conclusion of the thread
was to wait a year before making this change. Quite an accurate

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