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SubjectKernel + mdadm 2.6.2-2 + Auto rebuild RAID1?
Quick question,

Setup a new machine last night with two raptor 150 disks. Setup RAID1 as
I do everywhere else, 0.90.03 superblocks (in order to be compatible with
LILO, if you use 1.x superblocks with LILO you can't boot), and then:

/dev/sda1+sdb1 <-> /dev/md0 <-> swap
/dev/sda2+sdb2 <-> /dev/md1 <-> /boot (ext3)
/dev/sda3+sdb3 <-> /dev/md2 <-> / (xfs)

All works fine, no issues...

Quick question though, I turned off the machine, disconnected /dev/sda
from the machine, boot from /dev/sdb, no problems, shows as degraded
RAID1. Turn the machine off. Re-attach the first drive. When I boot my
first partition either re-synced by itself or it was not degraded, was is

So two questions:

1) If it rebuilt by itself, how come it only rebuilt /dev/md0?
2) If it did not rebuild, is it because the kernel knows it does not need
to re-calculate parity etc for swap?

I had to:

mdadm /dev/md1 -a /dev/sda2
mdadm /dev/md2 -a /dev/sda3

To rebuild the /boot and /, which worked fine, I am just curious though
why it works like this, I figured it would be all or nothing.

More info:

Not using ANY initramfs/initrd images, everything is compiled into 1
kernel image (makes things MUCH simpler and the expected device layout etc
is always the same, unlike initrd/etc).


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