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    SubjectRe: OOM killer problem - how to read the kernel log?
    "Tobias Brox" <> writes:

    > We have a database server which we've had some problems with, we've
    > had some serious crashes (particularly during postgres vacuuming)
    > which couldn't be fixed without hardware reboot. We assumed that the
    > problem would go away by itself after upgrading the server to a new
    > box with 32G of RAM ... but, alas, one of the first days in operation
    > it first killed lots of postgres children during the evening, and
    > finally it crashed and required hardware reboot. The box is certainly
    > not out of memory, but after reading some posts here, I've understood
    > that memory management is a complex issue.
    > We're running 32 bits linux, maybe it would help to upgrade to 64 bits?

    Big-time. There are a lot of "artificial" internal kernel memory
    limits in the 32-bit architecture, so you can run up against those
    (triggering the OOM killer) even if you have plenty of application

    32GB in the box actually might be counter-productive unless you're
    running 64-bit, because just tracking that much memory will consume
    precious low kernel RAM.

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