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    SubjectRe: Kernel Development & Objective-C
    2007/11/29, Ben Crowhurst <>:
    > Has Objective-C ever been considered for kernel development?
    > regards,
    > BPC

    No, it has not. Any language that looks remotely like an OO language
    has not ever been considered for (Linux) kernel development and for
    most, if not all, other operating systems kernels.

    Various problems occur in an object oriented language. One of them
    is garbage collection: it provokes asynchronous delays and, during
    an interrupt or a system call for a real time task, the kernel cannot
    wait. Another is memory overhead: all the magic that OO languages
    provide take space in memory and Linux kernel is used in embedded
    systems with very tight memory requirements.

    Lots of people will think of better reasons why ObjC is not used...

    Loïc Grenié
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