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    SubjectRe: + restore-missing-sysfs-max_cstate-attr.patch added to -mm tree
    Mark Lord wrote:
    > And I just figured out the powertop: it needed the kernel timers
    > patch from the powertop site that was originally for 2.6.21..
    > Any chance of somebody actually pushing that patch upstream some year ??
    > Patch reproduced here for interest's sake only.
    > Hey, look who's on the Signed-off list for it, *Arjan* !

    Mmm.. hey, I was using this patch on 2.6.23 as well..

    I wonder if perhaps this is the culprit for the mysterious 1-second delays
    that sometimes slow down resume (from RAM) on my machine from 2 seconds
    (normal) to 20 seconds (slow) ?
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