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SubjectRe: 2.6.24-rc3-mm1 - brick my Dell Latitude D820
On Tue, 20 Nov 2007 20:45:25 PST, Andrew Morton said:

Finally got both time and motivation to at least start a bisect..

2.6.23-mm1 works on my D820 (x86_64 kernel, Core2 Duo T7200)

24-rc3-mm1 (plus 3 patches from hotfixes/) bricks *instantly* at boot - grub
prints its 3 or 4 lines saying what it loaded, the screen clears, and *blam*
dead. No serial console output, no pair of penguins on the monitor, no
netconsole, no earlyprintk=vga output, no alt-sysrq, only thing that does
*anything* is "hold the power button for 5 seconds". Whatever it is, it
happens *very* early (before we get as far as the 'Linux version 2.6.mumble'
banner), and happens *hard*.

I've bisected it down this far:

git-ipwireless_cs.patch GOOD
x86_64-make-sparsemem-vmemmap-the-default-memory-model-v2.patch BAD

Anybody got any good debugging ideas before I go through and do the final
3 or 4 bisects? I suspect I'll need them once I find the offending patch
to tell *why* said patch dies on my box - I've seen enough traffic regarding
-rc3-mm1 dying *later* to know it's probably a subtle issue and not one
that will be obvious once I finger a specific patch. For example, it's
probably not the IO-APIC panic that people are seeing, because their kernels
live long enough to panic. ;)

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