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    Subjectgit guidance
    So I've watched Linus' Google Tech Talk about git and let him convince
    me that I've been stupid to use CVS, that Subversion is even worse,
    and the only sensible approach is to use git. Went ahead and tried to
    convert my driver development to git.

    It didn't work too well. The first result was one of maximal
    embarrassment: I produced a patch that didn't even compile when
    applied to the official tree. This shouldn't happen with git, right?
    Well, it did. So now I'm back to keeping a virgin kernel source tree
    alongside my development area in order to produce diffs. That can't
    be right?

    Obviously I'm still being stupid. (Probably an aftereffect of using
    CVS for too long.) But where do I turn for guidance? I read all the
    docs and READMEs I could find, but I still don't understand why GIT
    doesn't produce the results I need, and what to do differently.

    Does somebody have a step by step tutorial for doing the standard
    "edit - test - modify - retest - submit - edit - resubmit" sequence
    with GIT? Is there a GIT newsgroup or mailinglist? Or should I just
    post my silly questions to LKML?


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