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SubjectRe: [PATCH] Add iSCSI IBFT Support (v0.3)
> >
> > sysfs files have ONE VALUE PER FILE, not a whole bunch of different
> > things in a single file. Please fix this.
> The subparameters _are_ actually part of a single value, that value being
> associated with the initiator instance.
> Konrad is trying to implement a "work-alike" for what open firmware does.
> open-iscsi already has the ability to extract the same format
> bits from real OFW.
> See open-iscsi.git/utils/fwparam_ppc.


In light of what Doug says (which is all true), should I go ahead with a new
version of this module which would export one value per file? The problem
that will be encountered is that a ethernetX sysfs directory would have (for


And the flag would contain the value "7" which would mean the user would have
to parse what each bit means? (the v0.3 of the module does not export this
flag but uses it to figure out which is the boot iSCSI target).

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