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    SubjectRe: Need help with register_page_fault_notifier() replacement in 2.6.24
    On Mon, 19 Nov 2007 00:29:46 -0500
    Pavel Roskin <> wrote:

    > Quoting Arjan van de Ven <>:
    > > if it's just for a custom case (as it sounds like).. a simple small
    > > change to the pagefault handler sounds like the easiest thing to
    > > do... (eg just a direct function call to what would have been your
    > > notifier)
    > Thanks! Actually, the idea is to make it easy many people to run
    > the trace without having them to patch or downgrade their kernels.
    > Also, it would be convenient for ath5k developers to run (and
    > perhaps improve) the trace on the current development kernel.
    > Also, the code was lifted from some nvidia debugging tool, so the
    > improved code could be contributed back there.
    > I guess if there is no simple answer, I'll have to try a few crazy
    > ideas. If nothing works, the fault handler chain could be
    > reinstated, perhaps as a separate configuration option.

    a generic "IO trace" function (as config
    option) sounds actually like a good idea... that could do a direct call
    if the config option is enabled (as well as some sysctl thing I
    suspect, so that you can turn it on and off as you want)... I would
    entirely support one of those going to mainline.

    The problem with a chain is that those are quite expensive to run, and
    page faults should really be a fast operation... so the normal case
    should be a light as possible.


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