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SubjectRe: [PATCH 0/4, v3] Physical PCI slot objects
On Mon, Nov 19, 2007 at 03:32:25PM -0800, Gary Hade wrote:

> Alex, What I was trying to suggest is a boot-time kernel option,
> not a kernel configuration option. The basic idea is to give
> the user (with a single binary kernel) the ability to include
> your ACPI-PCI slot driver feature changes only when they are
> really needed. In addition to reducing the number of
> system/PCI hotplug driver combinations where your changes
> would need to be validated, I believe would also help
> alleviate other worries (e.g. Andi Kleen's memory consumption
> concern). I believe this goal could also be achieved with the
> kernel config option by making the pci_slot module runtime
> loadable with the PCI hotplug drivers only visiting your new
> code when the pci_slot driver is loaded, although I think this
> would be more difficult to implement.

If we're compiling something into the kernel, the default behaviour
should be for the functionality to be turned on unless the user
overrides it.

Matthew Garrett |
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