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    SubjectRe: [PATCH][retry-2] init: Introduce rootdir bootparm to select which dir to sys_chroot
    Al Boldi <> wrote:

    > Second try; this time with a doc-update, and the ability to remount normally.
    > Tested against 2.6.23.
    > ---
    > This patch introduces a rootdir kernel boot parameter, which specifies the
    > path to the kernel sys_chroot boot dir.
    > This is useful for systems that have more than one distribution installed on
    > the same fs/partition.

    1) This is useful for booting a rescue or test system, too. In those cases,
    you might want to have the old root moved somewhere.
    (Always "$rootdir/oldroot"? Additional parameter? I'm not sure ...)

    2) You use a static buffer, but you don't check for bad return values of

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