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SubjectRE: - sata_mv (7042) hang with large file operations
I have a console - and have booted with 

"pci=nomsi" and the behavior is
~the same or even a little worse
in some case (but not by much)...

I will send kernel log & the .config file separately to you...
(quite long)...

Further, you should note that my arch/ppc does NOT have MSI
Capability (CONFIG_PCI_MSI) - thus I think this might be

Is there any debugging I can turn on in the proc or sysfs?
that might give more clues (e.g.: /proc/sys/dev/scsi/logging_level)?


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From: Mark Lord []
Sent: Wednesday, November 14, 2007 5:30 PM
To: Morrison, Tom
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Subject: Re: - sata_mv (7042) hang with large file operations

Morrison, Tom wrote:
> I have gotten it to boot from those hard-drives and it
> has the same behavior:
> Copying a large file to the same partition (>150MEG)
> causes the system to hang (no I/O - no input/output -
> nothing - complete freeze - like a primary resource
> is locked up or interrupts got completely & totally
> turned off in an ISR and its pending for something?
> Only way to get out of this is to power-cycle the box!

Okay, a couple of things:

Do this from a text console, not a GUI.
And preferably without ever starting klogd/syslogd during init.

That way you've a much better chance of seeing some kernel diagnostic
messages when it locks up.

Can you boot with "nomsi" kernel parameter?
And I guess we'll need to see the entire kernel .config as well.

This is a tricky one. The driver behaves fine for me
here with a 7042 rev.2 on PCIe in my x86-32 box.

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