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SubjectRe: Better support for Delkin cardbus CF adapters -- IDE layer
I received a response from Synchrotech, the supplier of one of my
cards. He said that they were under NDA with their manufacturing
partner and couldn't offer the full specs. However he could tell me
the specific bridge chip:

JMicron JMB368 PCIe to PATA controller

A quick google led me to their website where they advertised this
chipset as being supported by these OS's:

Windows 2K/XP/2003/Vista
BSD/FreeBSD FreeBSD 5.5 or above
BSD/OpenBSD OpenBSD 3.x
Linux/Redhat/Fedora Fedora Core 6
Linux/Suse Suse 10.1
Linux/Gentoo Gentoo 2006.1 liveCD
Linux/Ubuntu Ubuntu 6.10
Linux/Suse Enterprise Suse Enterprise 10
Linux/Other Linux Distrbution Kernel or above
Unix/SCO OpenServer SCO OpenServer 6
Unix/SCO UnixWare SCO OpenServer 7.1.4
Unix/Solaris Solaris 10
NAS/FreeNAS FreeNAS 0.65
NAS/OpenFiler OpenFiler 2.3
MAC OS X MAC OS 10.4.3*

It seems support for this chipset is already available in the kernel.
Is this enough information to enable DMA & PIO support for this


On Nov 12, 2007 2:48 PM, Alan Cox <> wrote:
> > the kernel), performance is pretty abysmal. What would it take to get
> > proper DMA support? Is it an architecture problem, in that this
> > doesn't use the normal IDE PCI driver? Is it a lack of documentation
> > on card specs? What can I do to help?
> Persuade Delkin to provide specifications either publically or under NDA
> (but allowing a GPL source code driver) with one of the ATA developers.
> For a fairly typical SFF style controller it shouldn't take long to
> produce a test driver.
> Alan
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