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    SubjectRe: Network slowdown due to CFS

    * Jarek Poplawski <> wrote:

    > > [...] The timeslices of tasks (i.e. the time they spend on a CPU
    > > without scheduling away) is _not_ maintained directly in CFS as a
    > > per-task variable that can be "cleared", it's not the metric that
    > > drives scheduling. Yes, of course CFS too "slices up CPU time", but
    > > those slices are not the per-task variables of traditional
    > > schedulers and cannot be 'cleared'.
    > It's not about this comment alone, but this comment plus "no notion"
    > comment, which appears in sched-design-CFS.txt too.

    ok - i've re-read it and it indeed is somewhat confusing without
    additional context. I'll improve the wording. (sched-design-CFS.txt
    needs an update anyway)

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