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SubjectRe: On text size and run time if config is "n", [PATCH 2/2] Colored kernel output (run3)

On Oct 7 2007 00:28, Oleg Verych wrote:
>I thought, i was talking about *write() functions, that got one
>additional unrelated, non config removable API change in face of
>`unsigned int loglevel'.

Documentation/stable_api_nonsense.txt ;-)

>Idea. Extend those macro defines before format string with one
>additional macro, that will be empty, if config is NO and having
>colour byte otherwise.
>In the *write() functions, have
> color = str[0];
> ++str;

This is just as "bad" as the loglevel parameter. Because you'd have
to parse str[0] in _every_ write() function. Furthermore, the string
that is being printed also goes to klogd/syslog, including the <N>
tag already. If you now add a color byte in the KERN_* macros, then
that color byte would also go to syslog. Not good.

>Sorry, i don't know much about stuff, you've presented:

(Paraphrased one paragraph above.)
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