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On Oct 5 2007 14:35, Timur Tabi wrote:
>> standard x86:
>> ---LSB-- ---2SB-- ---3SB-- ---MSB-- [bytes] LITTLE_ENDIAN
>> M765432L M765432L M765432L M765432L [bits] ?_BITFIELD
>> (Not sure what bitfield type, but I'd guess BIG_ENDIAN_BITFIELD)
> Are you sure? I would think that all machines would have the same byte and bit
> endian, otherwise you'd never be able to put a 16-bit value into a shift
> register. Your bits will be shifted out like this:

Bit representation is left to the CPU, so 1 << 1 will always be 2,
regardless of whether the byte, when sent out to the network,
is 01000000 or 00000010. Endianess becomes important as soon
as the packet is on the network, of course.
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