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    SubjectRe: video resume stuff
    On Fri, 5 Oct 2007, Pavel Machek wrote:

    > > I suggest we tackle this *after* the x86 merge.
    > Well, we still have the regression on jikos' strange system, and I would
    > like to understand what is going on there.

    Sorry for this taking too long. Finally I had the time to play with this
    again, so here goes the current summary. I have a system here, that:

    - with 1d67953f2bda8876045c24ae58841f27d9bb7572 (just before the setup
    code rewrite), resumes nicely in VGA console
    (acpi_sleep=s3_bios,s3_mode kernel parameter is needed), everything

    - with c39736823232bc3ca113c8228fa852c09fba300e (just after the setup code
    rewrite), VGA text console is garbled after resume - looks like the
    video RAM contains some strange data (patterns from BIOS post can be
    recognized, there are some various-colored stripes across the screen,
    etc). The machine also seems to be frozen (no keyboard LEDs working,

    - with 2.6.23-rc9, the video doesn't come up at all, I can't even see the
    garbled picture any more - the display stays blank, the LED diod is
    yellow (i.e. looks like completely no signal from VGA card). On the
    other hand, the machine seems to work otherwise

    Jiri Kosina
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