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SubjectRe: [RFC/PATCH -v2] Add sysfs control to modify a user's cpu share
> > Changelog since v1:
> > 1. Added a mutex to serialize directory creation/destruction for a user in
> > sysfs
> > 2. Added a spinlock in the task_group structure to serialize writes to
> > tg->shares.
> > 3. Removed /proc/root_user_cpu_shares.
> > 4. Added Documentation about the group scheduler.
> thanks - I have added this to the queue.
> i'm wondering about the following: could not (yet) existing UIDs be made
> configurable too? I.e. if i do this in a bootup script:
> echo 2048 > /sys/kernel/uids/500/cpu_share
> this should just work too, regardless of there not being any UID 500
> tasks yet. Likewise, once configured, the /sys/kernel/uids/* directories
> (with the settings in them) should probably not go away either.

Shouldn't that be done via uevents? E.g. UID x gets added to the sysfs tree,
generates a uevent and a script then figures out the cpu_share and sets it.
That way you also don't need to keep the directories. No?
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