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    SubjectRe: [PATCH] remove throttle_vm_writeout()
    > > 1) File backed pages -> file
    > >
    > > dirty + writeback count remains constant
    > >
    > > 2) Anonymous pages -> swap
    > >
    > > writeback count increases, dirty balancing will hold back file
    > > writeback in favor of swap
    > >
    > > So the real question is: does case 2 need rate limiting, or is it OK
    > > to let the device queue fill with swap pages as fast as possible?
    > > Because balance_dirty_pages() maintains:
    > nr_dirty + nr_unstable + nr_writeback <
    > total_dirty + nr_cpus * ratelimit_pages
    > throttle_vm_writeout() _should_ not deadlock on that, unless you're
    > caught in the error term: nr_cpus * ratelimit_pages.

    And it does get caught on that in small memory machines. This
    deadlock is easily reproducable on a 32MB UML instance. I haven't yet
    tested with the per-bdi patches, but I don't think they make a
    difference in this case.

    > Which can only happen when it is larger than 10% of dirty_thresh.
    > Which is even more unlikely since it doesn't account nr_dirty (as I
    > think it should).

    I think nr_dirty is totally irrelevant. Since we don't care about
    case 1), and in case 2) nr_dirty doesn't play any role.

    > As for 2), yes I think having a limit on the total number of pages in
    > flight is a good thing.


    > But that said, there might be better ways to do that.

    Sure, if we do need to globally limit the number of under-writeback
    pages, then I think we need to do it independently of the dirty

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