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The latest maintenance release GIT is available at the
usual places:

git-{gz,bz2} (tarball)
git-htmldocs-{gz,bz2} (preformatted docs)
git-manpages-{gz,bz2} (preformatted docs)
RPMS/$arch/git-*-$arch.rpm (RPM)

There are many fixes including a handful bugs that led to

GIT v1.5.3.5 Release Notes

Fixes since v1.5.3.4

* Comes with git-gui 0.8.4.

* "git-config" silently ignored options after --list; now it will
error out with a usage message.

* "git-config --file" failed if the argument used a relative path
as it changed directories before opening the file.

* "git-config --file" now displays a proper error message if it
cannot read the file specified on the command line.

* "git-config", "git-diff", "git-apply" failed if run from a
subdirectory with relative GIT_DIR and GIT_WORK_TREE set.

* "git-blame" crashed if run during a merge conflict.

* "git-add -i" did not handle single line hunks correctly.

* "git-rebase -i" and "git-stash apply" failed if external diff
drivers were used for one or more files in a commit. They now
avoid calling the external diff drivers.

* "git-log --follow" did not work unless diff generation (e.g. -p)
was also requested.

* "git-log --follow -B" did not work at all. Fixed.

* "git-log -M -B" did not correctly handle cases of very large files
being renamed and replaced by very small files in the same commit.

* "git-log" printed extra newlines between commits when a diff
was generated internally (e.g. -S or --follow) but not displayed.

* "git-push" error message is more helpful when pushing to a
repository with no matching refs and none specified.

* "git-push" now respects + (force push) on wildcard refspecs,
matching the behavior of git-fetch.

* "git-filter-branch" now updates the working directory when it
has finished filtering the current branch.

* "git-instaweb" no longer fails on Mac OS X.

* "git-cvsexportcommit" didn't always create new parent directories
before trying to create new child directories. Fixed.

* "git-fetch" printed a scary (but bogus) error message while
fetching a tag that pointed to a tree or blob. The error did
not impact correctness, only user perception. The bogus error
is no longer printed.

* "git-ls-files --ignored" did not properly descend into non-ignored
directories that themselves contained ignored files if d_type
was not supported by the filesystem. This bug impacted systems
such as AFS. Fixed.

* Git segfaulted when reading an invalid .gitattributes file. Fixed.

* post-receive-email example hook fixed was fixed for
non-fast-forward updates.

* Documentation updates for supported (but previously undocumented)
options of "git-archive" and "git-reflog".

* "make clean" no longer deletes the configure script that ships
with the git tarball, making multiple architecture builds easier.

* "git-remote show origin" spewed a warning message from Perl
when no remote is defined for the current branch via
branch.<name>.remote configuration settings.

* Building with NO_PERL_MAKEMAKER excessively rebuilt contents
of perl/ subdirectory by rewriting perl.mak.

* http.sslVerify configuration settings were not used in scripted

* "git-add" leaked a bit of memory while scanning for files to add.

* A few workarounds to squelch false warnings from recent gcc have
been added.

* "git-send-pack $remote frotz" segfaulted when there is nothing
named 'frotz' on the local end.

* "git-rebase -interactive" did not handle its "--strategy" option


Changes since v1.5.3.4 are as follows:

Alex Bennee (1):
Ensure we add directories in the correct order

Alex Riesen (1):
Fix generation of perl/perl.mak

Andrew Clausen (1):
helpful error message when send-pack finds no refs in common.

Aurelien Bompard (1):
honor the http.sslVerify option in shell scripts

Benoit Sigoure (1):
Fix a small memory leak in builtin-add

Bj旦rn Steinbrink (3):
Fix --strategy parsing in Don't pass a strategy to git-cherry-pick. Make 3-way merge strategies work for -p.

Brian Gernhardt (1):
cvsserver: Use exit 1 instead of die when req_Root fails.

Frank Lichtenheld (1):
git-config: don't silently ignore options after --list

Gerrit Pape (2):
git-config: handle --file option with relative pathname properly
git-config: print error message if the config file cannot be read

Jean-Luc Herren (2):
git add -i: Fix parsing of abbreviated hunk headers
git add -i: Remove unused variables

Jeff King (1):
send-pack: respect '+' on wildcard refspecs

Joakim Tjernlund (1):
Improve receive-pack error message about funny ref creation

Johannes Schindelin (5):
clear_commit_marks(): avoid deep recursion
rebase -i: use diff plumbing instead of porcelain
Fix setup_git_directory_gently() with relative GIT_DIR & GIT_WORK_TREE
fix filter-branch documentation
filter-branch: update current branch when rewritten

Julian Phillips (1):
fast-import: Fix argument order to die in file_change_m

Junio C Hamano (8):
git-remote: fix "Use of uninitialized value in string ne"
sha1_file.c: avoid gcc signed overflow warnings
merge-recursive.c: mrtree in merge() is not used before set
RelNotes- describe recent fixes
Prevent send-pack from segfaulting (backport from 'master')
git-merge: document but discourage the historical syntax
Update GIT Release Notes

Lars Hjemli (1):
Make merge-recursive honor diff.renamelimit

Linus Torvalds (6):
Fix embarrassing "git log --follow" bug
Clean up "git log" format with DIFF_FORMAT_NO_OUTPUT
git-blame shouldn't crash if run in an unmerged tree
Avoid scary errors about tagged trees/blobs during git-fetch
Fix directory scanner to correctly ignore files without d_type
Fix diffcore-break total breakage

Mathias Megyei (1):
Do not remove distributed configure script

Michael W. Olson (1):
Documentation/git-cvsexportcommit.txt: s/mgs/msg/ in example

Michele Ballabio (2):
git-reflog: document --verbose
git-archive: document --exec

Nicolas Pitre (1):
cherry-pick/revert: more compact user direction message

Patrick Welche (1):
Define NI_MAXSERV if not defined by operating system

Ralf Wildenhues (1):
gitk.txt: Fix markup.

Robert Schiele (1):
fixing output of non-fast-forward output of post-receive-email

Sergei Organov (1):
core-tutorial: Use new syntax for git-merge.

Shawn O. Pearce (17):
git-gui: Display message box when we cannot find git in $PATH
git-gui: Handle starting on mapped shares under Cygwin
git-gui: Ensure .git/info/exclude is honored in Cygwin workdirs
git-gui: Allow gitk to be started on Cygwin with native Tcl/Tk
git-gui: Don't crash when starting gitk from a browser session
Whip post maintenance series into shape.
Correct typos in release notes for
Avoid 'expr index' on Mac OS X as it isn't supported
Document additional fixes in release notes
Yet more fixes mentioned in release notes
Avoid invoking diff drivers during git-stash
Further fixes described in release notes
Paper bag fix diff invocation in 'git stash show'
git-gui: Correctly report failures from git-write-tree
git-gui: Handle progress bars from newer gits
git-gui: Don't display CR within console windows
Describe more fixes in release notes

Simon Sasburg (1):
git-gui: Avoid using bold text in entire gui for some fonts

Steffen Prohaska (2):
git-gui: accept versions containing text annotations, like 1.5.3.mingw.1
attr: fix segfault in gitattributes parsing code

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