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SubjectRe: pci-disable-decode-of-io-memory-during-bar-sizing.patch
On Tue, 30 Oct 2007 17:41:26 -0600
Robert Hancock <> wrote:
> > I could easily see device driver writers probing to see if
> > something works, and I absolutely don't think we should just
> > automatically enable MMCONFIG from then on.
> Why per device? It's not like the MSI case where both the platform
> and the device are potentially busted. Whether or not MMCONFIG works
> has nothing to do with the device, all that matters is whether it
> works on the platform. It shouldn't be the driver's responsibility to
> know this.

it's per device so that if you have have no users for this stuff,
you'll never ever get bitten by bugs (be it linux or the bios).
It's just avoiding the problem for a large class of cases... doesn't
mean it's solved for the other class, just in practice it turns it into
a much smaller problem.
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