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    SubjectRe: [PATCH] Fix bad data from non-direct-io read after direct-io write

    On Tue, 30 Oct 2007, Zach Brown wrote:
    > OK, I tested and verified Karl's fix and wrote some commentary around it.

    Thanks, will apply.

    > (Would a aio-dio git repo on for these kind of fixes be well
    > received?)

    If it's one of these "in a blue moon" things I don't think it matters.
    Whatever is easier.

    In general, patches have lots of advantages: (a) you can apply it
    regardless of version, and (b) pushing the email containing them back and
    forth with commentary etc is very powerful.

    So I would generally see git as a "maintainer handling issue", not a
    "these kinds of fixes" issue. Git doesn't obviate the need for having
    people look at patches (and that implies sending them out). But git _is_ a
    good way to push the finished product out, if it's a recurring thing.

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